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Book Club is Back!

The Book Club will be starting back up next Monday (10/18). The great fall weather and happy hour specials will have us venturing away from Space12 this fall. So come on out and join us at Red House Pizzeria at 6:30 for half price pizza and/or a good beer to wash it down. On a budget? They even have Pabst […]

Velo Slashie Rides Again!

Thanks to all who came out last week for an epic first fall ride.  Euphoric weather persists so we shall ride again this Sunday.  We will leave from Space12 after Liturgy at 1pm for lunch at El Chilito.  If you would like to join later, we will leave from El Chilito at 2:30 for the Mueller Pond.  Ride, ride, enjoy […]

Velo Slashie first ride!

The influx of heavenly weather means? drumroll…. Velo Slashie’s first fall ride of the season!  Bring your two-wheeled human powered machines as we embark on a casual (beginner-friendly) ride around town.  We will leave from Space12 at 1pm for lunch at Eastside Pies.  If you would like to join later, we will leave from Eastside Pies at 2:30pm.  On your […]

[Vox News] Newsletter Migration Day Edition

It is with deep sadness and much gnashing of teeth that we announce the end of the Vox newsletter as we know it. But if we gleaned any knowledge from the late, great Mufasa, we all know that the circle of life was, is and always will be alive. I mean, he even got Elton John to write a badass […]

[Vox News] Get Ready For Kindergarten Month Edition

Preparing for Kindergarten can be an emotionally challenging experience for parents around the country. Saying goodbye to your children as they’re shuffled in a cattle-like manner to their mental grooming pastures can be difficult, but perhaps we need to start looking on that bright side. Think of all the free time you’ll have when you allow this country’s finest educators […]


You might be familiar with the recipient of the first ever Slashie Award as a deliciously chiseled man with pectorals shaped like sofa cushions and abs as rigid as your grandma’s dentures. Yes, I’m referring to that molten mass of muscle and ‘Mmm…Mmm…Tasty’ called Fabio who won the Slashie for the best Actor *slash* Model and not the other way […]

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