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The Unifying Gifts of the Spirit

Weylin Lee reflects on how the gifts of the Spirit invite us to a practice and experience of unity with each other [1 Corinthians 12:1-11]. Reflection How would a lens of revelation impact how you see the gifts in others? What is an outlet where your gifts might contribute to the common good? Even in this challenging season, what might […]

Walking Through Fear

Gena St. David reflects on some helpful images of what God’s comfort might look like when we’re walking through fear [Isaiah 43:1-3]. Reflection How does your body respond to imagining God speaking your name? What fear feels most overwhelming right now? What superficiality in life might be starting to burn away? Resources Film: Death to 2021 Film: 14 Peaks

Wisdom and Word for Exiled Lives

As we begin a new year, Christopher Mack reflects on how wisdom and word are embodied with us through Christ and how that opens us up to grace [John 1:10-18]. Reflection How are you feeling at the start of this new year? How does the image of God moving into our messy and complex lives open us up to grace?

What Does it Mean to Be Holy?

As we continue in the season of Advent, Gena St. David reflects on how experiencing embodied peace more often may lead us to sacrifice fewer things that are alive both inside and outside ourselves [Hebrews 10:5-10]. Reflection What forms of sacrifice still tempt you today? Where are you learning to distinguish between the artificial and the real? How are you […]

Joy in Distress

As we continue in the season of Advent, Weylin Lee reflects on what practices might invite us to embody joy as we continue to navigate distress and disruption both in and outside our lives [Philippians 4:4-7]. Reflection Who are those in our lives that we might need to embody gentleness towards? How might we hold the tension of practicing gratitude […]

Shedding Skin

As we continue in the season of Advent, David Wallace reflects on how we might be driven by obligation and what our invitation is to shed the false skin that covers our true selves [Luke 3:7-18]. Reflection Reflect on the difference you feel when you say or do something out of obligation instead of a willingness in your heart? What […]

What Does it Mean to Be Shaken?

As we enter the season of Advent, Gena St. David reflects on what is helpful for us to keep in mind and remember when things are being shaken loose inside us and how we can help one another hold onto hope [Luke 21:25-36]. Reflection What is being shaken loose inside you this advent season? How are you experiencing Christ in […]