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spiritual growth

Transforming Problems

Chris Morton reflects on how we navigate problems in our lives and how it is connected with our worship and community [John 4:1-26, 39-42]. Reflection Do I know what I have and don’t have to give to God? Does my worship bring life or death to myself and others?

Where Does Our Help Come From?

Tim Brosnan reflects on how we interact and respond to difficult and challenging situations we experience [Psalm 146]. Reflection Where have you seen God’s help break into impossible situations? How might you posture yourself to participate in the giving and receiving of such help? Resources Video: Thai Cave Rescue Spiritual Practice Reflect on these questions in the context of your […]


Jason Minnix reflects on how our habits move us into healthy spiritual living with others and God and to consider whether certain habits are useful or not [Mark 7:1-8]. Reflection What habits of thinking, feeling or doing am I being invited to renegotiate? Where do I hear invitation to direct intimacy? Resources Video: SNL Sean Spicer Press Conference Spiritual Practice […]

Image of God

Sarah Berson reflects on how we are invited to put on the image of God [Ephesians 6:10-17]. Reflection Where do I need support for my gut and/or strength in resisting shame? Where do I need support for my heart, and what doubts hold me back from emotional safety? What thoughts dominate my self-talk, and how can I find strength to […]

Discerning Heart

Jason Minnix invites us to lean into an area of our life that needs direction and how God invites us to walk in wisdom [I Kings 3:5-15]. Reflection Where do I need to ask for support in order to fulfill my calling now? What is something simple I can prepare a meal for this week? Resources Film: Don’t Worry, He […]

Get Up and Eat

Jane Patterson reflects on the the ways that God sustains us through life when the journey seems too much for us [1 Kings 19:4-8]. Reflection What have you learned from experience about what truly fuels you in difficult times? What is your experience of the dance of grace and effort in your own life? When has God surprised you with […]

A Call of Love

Matt Inman reflects on the love we have been given and are called to live from [Ephesians 4:1-16]. Reflection What barriers to love exist in your life currently? Who in your life is helping you grow in love? Resources Video: Missouri vs Kansas Football Video: TED Talk – Play is Fundamental (Stuart Brown) Spiritual Practice Does gentleness, humility or patience […]