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How to Apply Scripture

Gideon Tsang teaches through the texts that have traditionally been used to marginalize LGBTQ individuals and how they might still be applicable for us today. [Hebrews 4:12-13]. Reflection What does it look like to receive from God rather than barter with God? How can we use our power and privilege to include rather than exclude? Resources Vox’s LGBTQ Journey Description […]

Great Questions

Gideon Tsang explores how Jesus seems to value questions more than he does answers and why questions are essential to a healthy faith [Matthew 21:23-32]. Reflection: How can you embrace your questions of Scripture and faith? How can you celebrate a mistake, wrong answer, or failure as part of your spiritual practice? Resources: Podcast: Freakonomics: That’s a Great Question Book: […]

Liturgy: Scripture

As we continue our fall vision series on our rhythms of liturgy, theologian James Alison considers the historical and cultural context of how we read and interpret Scripture [Mark 3:1-6]. Reflection: How can we read the Scriptures through Jesus our Rabbi? What ways can we be invited into the story of redemption this week? Resources: Website: James Alison MWG: Discussion […]

Liturgy: Doxology

As we begin our fall vision series on our rhythms of liturgy, Gideon Tsang reflects on how we know God and why love is the deepest form of knowing [1 John 4:7-12]. Reflection: What images come to mind when you think of God? How does the act of loving help you understand God? Resources: MWG: Discussion Guide

Scripture Series

During liturgy this summer, we went through a series of five conversations about how to read scripture. During this time, we rediscovered how the church historically read scripture and its impact on us today. Below you’ll find the series in order with links to our podcast pages.Each page has the audio as well as reflection questions, and any resources mentioned […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 08.30.2015

Liturgy As we gather today, we pray that our lives may not turn our faiths into a certainty. Lord God, our Father, you speak your word to us through your Son Jesus Christ. May we listen to his words and welcome it with all that is in us. Let those words change our mentality and our ways, that it may […]

Listening to Scripture

Gideon Tsang speaks about how the church that has a high view of Scripture should be known most for their ability to listen well. [James 1:19-25] Reflection: How do we show that we have a high view of Scripture? What is our ratio of listening to speaking when we engage scripture? How are we using Scripture to allow us to […]

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