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Liturgy, Reflection & Benediction 2024.01.28

Liturgy We come to sit with you now, our Mother God.You have made all things and provided what we need.We are like weaned children,Drawing close to feel your presence,Our souls stilled and quieted within us.For you, Oh God, are our source and our solace,Our hope and our connector.We recognize the many gods in our livesThose that cannot compare to a […]

What is our discernment rooted in?

How has pride in our knowledge limited our ability to love? On the fourth Sunday after Epiphany, Weylin Lee invites us into a practice of discernment rooted in mutuality that respects difference, embodied contemplation, and a freedom that protects the vulnerable. [1 Corinthians 8:1-6] Where does knowledge limit and hinder our posture and practice of love and mutuality? What is […]

What Does it Mean to Be Holy?

As we continue in the season of Advent, Gena St. David reflects on how experiencing embodied peace more often may lead us to sacrifice fewer things that are alive both inside and outside ourselves [Hebrews 10:5-10]. Reflection What forms of sacrifice still tempt you today? Where are you learning to distinguish between the artificial and the real? How are you […]

Solomon and the Quest for Wisdom

Naomi Jackson reflects on the life of Solomon and why God gave him what he asked for and what he didn’t ask for and how that impacts our understanding of wisdom [1 Kings 3:6-14]. Reflection What do we learn about the character of God from their response to Solomon? How does wisdom frame the relationship between humans and God? How […]

Courageous Speaking and Courageous Listening

Jane Patterson reflects on how we might practice courageous speaking and listening that makes space for discerning God’s truth and guidance in these times of difficult conversations  [1 Samuel 3:1-10, 11-20]. Reflection What do you know from your own experience of courageous speaking: what factors help others listen to you? What do you know from your own experience of courageous […]

Mercy in Discernment

Jane Patterson reflects on Jesus’ parable that invites us to discernment in the spaces of judgment in our lives [Matthew 13:24-30]. Reflection What is the difference between being discerning about someone’s actions and judging them? In what ways have you been corrected in a way that was creative for you? Resources Article: After a Trail of Tears, Justice for Indian […]

Discerning our Relationship to Collective Fear

We know this is a time where collective fear is contagious at a much more rapid rate than any virus. So we’d like to invite you into a practice that can be of benefit during times of uncertainty. Discerning our Fear: Some are masking their fear with responsibility. We do want to be diligent in our part of not taking […]

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