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In the Weeds

Gena Minnix reflects on the questions that we ask when we have moments and seasons where we are overwhelmed [Jonah 3:1-10]. Reflection Is there an area of life where I feel ‘in the weeds’ right now? If I were to pray a prayer ‘from the weeds’ what would it sound like? Resources Video: Japanese Slippery Stairs MWG: Discussion Guide

Thoughts on Prayer

Kelly Cutbirth reflects on what our prayers about others have to teach us about ourselves and God [Psalm 70]. Reflection What emotions or needs in my life might be trying to surface from my prayers about the other? How can I have empathy for myself in my raw, angry moments? Resources Video – The All-American Rejects – Gives You Hell […]

Liturgy: Confession

As we continue our fall vision series on our rhythms of liturgy, Jason Minnix explores how true confession is related to our need for healing and reconnects us with who we really are [Luke 18:9-14]. Reflection: What would it look like to confess my need for healing today? Where do I need mercy to help me reconnect with who I […]

Prayer as Intimacy

Jason Minnix speaks about the different portals of intimacy that allow us access with God [Luke 11:1-13]. Reflection: What are some of our habits that need to be interrupted in order for us to connect with God? How can we practice asking in an attempt to deepen intimacy? What are some experiences of contemplation that we can attempt as prayer?

A Prayer from Liturgy II: Jason Ikpatt

The following is the piece created and read by Jason Ikpatt during liturgy on June 19, 2016. To listen to the podcast of the sermon and Jason’s reading, click here rubbing salt into flesh wounds. pressing into bloodied skin with alcohol soaked rags. this is equal parts carnal flinch and spinal jolt. equal parts willful heart and trembling hand, a […]

A Prayer from Liturgy: Jason Ikpatt

The following is the piece created and read by Jason Ikpatt during liturgy on June 12, 2016. To listen to the podcast of the sermon, click here meditation is not only for the pious monk. it was always a fully focused effort, a consummate endeavor – we always set all of our furniture aside when the time came for us […]

Receiving Grace

Gideon Tsang talks about the challenge of receiving grace in our lives and how Mary demonstrated this in her life. [Luke 1:26-38]. Reflection: Who are the messengers of grace in our lives? What are the impediments in our lives that limit our ability to receive grace? What are some practices that will help us be more aware of God’s grace […]