March 15, 2010


You might be familiar with the recipient of the first ever Slashie Award as a deliciously chiseled man with pectorals shaped like sofa cushions and abs as rigid as your grandma’s dentures. Yes, I’m referring to that molten mass of muscle and ‘Mmm…Mmm…Tasty’ called Fabio who won the Slashie for the best Actor *slash* Model and not the other way around. Although his assets are firm and hair super silky, that’s not the only criteria one uses to judge whether or not you are deserving of this highly coveted Slashie Award. Rather, the main criteria for getting a Slashie is to have a random assortment of skills and traits, which when combined, form a thing of absolute beauty.

So for your enjoyment, take your pick from one of these glorious Slashies like Gardens *slash* Books *slash* Eating *slash* B.S. *slash* Bikes *slash* Basketball *slash* Sewing. So if you’re interested in padding your resume, check out one of these Slashies we have in abundance, and get ready to be swarmed by screaming teeny boppers and people with smoother skin and soft hands.

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