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How We See

Jason Minnix reflects on how parables provide a way to change the way we see God and ourselves [Mark 4:26-34]. Reflection How am I being invited to play with and in metaphor this week? Where can I plant scrappy seeds and let go of the outcomes to God? Spiritual Practice Play with a metaphor this week.  Find a parable in […]


Gideon Tsang reflects on what it would look like to find a way to live that’s renewing [2 Corinthians 4:16-18]. Reflection What can you subtract this week to free up space for the renewing of your inner being? What interruptions can we embrace this season? Resources Film: I, Tonya Spiritual Practice Try subtracting something from your life.  What do you […]


Sarah Berson reflects on how being present helps us hear God [1 Samuel 3:1-10]. Reflection How do you build space for presence with yourself? With God? Who in your life can you depend on to help you hear God? Spiritual Practice Consider how you can create space for presence this week. Try to spend time in it every day. Consider scheduling […]

Invitation to Dance

As we celebrate Trinity Sunday, Gideon Tsang explores how we participate in the Trinity and not just how we understand the Trinity [John 3:1-8]. Reflection What do you wonder about Trinity this morning? How can you welcome God’s movement for all things in your life this week? Resources MWG: Discussion Guide


As we celebrate Pentecost, John Chandler reflects on how we might allow the Spirit to help us learn and grow in living the way of Jesus [Luke 5:1-11]. Reflection In what ways have you recently seen the Holy Spirit at work in your life or community? What practices have best helped you recognize the direction of the Holy Spirit in […]

Abiding Love

Abiding Love Gena Minnix explores what it means to abide in love, especially when we’re hurting [John 15:9-17]. Reflection With whom am I currently practicing abiding in love? What do I want to remember the next time I lose joy in that relationship? Resources Video: Turtle Flip Podcast: Notes from a Public Typewritter MWG: Discussion Guide


Weylin Lee reflects on what Jesus’ resurrection into a physical body means for how we live in and out of our body here and now [Luke 24:36-48]. Reflection How are you invited to live from the vulnerability of your wounds? In what ways can you live a holistic life that integrates body and soul? Resources Book: From Brokenness to Community […]