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Preparing for Peace

How are we preparing to embody the peace of Christ and live as peacemakers? On the second Sunday of Advent, Weylin Lee connects peacemaking to the practices of rehumanizing others, Being present to decentered places, and adopting a posture of consent. [Mark 1:1-8] Reflection How is love helping me hold on? Which parts of life feel like caterpillar soup? How […]

Liturgy, Reflection & Benediction 2023.12.10

Liturgy This morning, as we celebrate the second week of Advent,Let us first take a moment. To quiet our minds. Quiet our bodies. And quiet our spirits. And let us welcome Peace. Into every part of ourselves. Feel peace pour over us like warm sticky honey. Feel it cover our hands and our feet. Feel Peace envelop us. Shielding us. […]

Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.7.16

Liturgy Let us prepare our hearts for God’s holy workWe ready ourselves for Divine disruption As the earth longs to flourish and the people dream of restGod has promised to show us the way Setting down our egos, taking up our faithWe seek the seeds of transformation Wisdom is here, alive and among us.Let us receive her truth. God of […]

Reimagining Growth

How does reflecting on God’s abundance impact your willingness to consent to God’s movement in your life? Weylin Lee considers a parable of Jesus on growth. How might we reimagine our relationship to God’s abundance and how we expand our lives beyond ourselves? [Matthew 13:1-9] Reflection How might consenting to God’s abundance facilitate your growth? Where have you experienced growth […]

Growing Good Together

On this Good Shepherd Sunday, Christopher Mack reflects on who might be good shepherds in our lives and how we might be the same for others [Acts 9:36-42]. Reflection Does Jesus’ self-giving life as a good shepherd offer you hope, healing, rest, or reconciliation you need right now? Does someone in your life remind you of Tabitha? Is there an […]

Moving Toward Christ

Weylin Lee reflects on our invitation to move toward Christ in this season of disruption and disconnection even in the midst of fatigue and uncertainty [Luke 5:1-11]. Reflection How are you creating space for the mystery and presence of God? What is Christ inviting you to consent to in this season? How is your calling being shaped right now? Practice […]

Mystery of God

Weylin Lee reflects on how we are invited to remain in the space of mystery as we begin to decompress from the past year and reimagine how our community might reconnect in new ways [Mark 4:26-34]. Reflection How might we release control in order to experience divine transformation? How are we invited to welcome the unexpected and offer safe space […]

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