September 17, 2010

[Vox News] Newsletter Migration Day Edition

It is with deep sadness and much gnashing of teeth that we announce the end of the Vox newsletter as we know it. But if we gleaned any knowledge from the late, great Mufasa, we all know that the circle of life was, is and always will be alive. I mean, he even got Elton John to write a badass song so his message would get stuck in your head. Though the newsletter will be no more, may we direct you over to the birth of our new website, where you can find everything your heart desires, whether it be slashie updates, pictures, or directions on how to cook and prepare wild dandelions and lemurs. As we bid you adieu from these weekly newsletter, may your worries and fears be eased and quenched with the knowledge that this Vox group will always be here. Like that nagging pain in your groin muscles after an evening of basketball, you will still get random reminders of different events going on within and around the Vox community.

So from my keyboard to your eyeballs, we thank you for being faithful readers, and even more faithful Christ followers. As the sun rises and sets to the rotations of this world, may we continue to be the embodiment of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ through our words, thoughts and deeds.

[Educator’s Slashie]

Are you a teacher in the Austin education system? If so, then you’re no stranger to feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and alone, which is why this Slashie will be your buoy in the middle of under-appreciated sea. This slashie will be meeting this Friday (today) from 4-5:30pm at Teddy’s lovely domicile located at 1807 Madison Avenue, Austin, TX. and will be a place for all teachers to talk, hang, and chill. There will probably be some beer and snacks too. If you have any questions, feel free to send them to Teddy.

[Vox News Listserv]

As we change and update the way we communicate the new happenings here at Vox, we are in the process of creating an email Listserv that will give you, our dearly beloved community, the power to opt in or out of getting updates on all things Vox. If you’re already on a neighborhoods roster, you don’t need to do anything. If you’re not, but are interested in getting in on this sweet action, send us an email and your wish will be our command.

[Website Feedback]

Have you checked out the new Vox website? If not, please grab a package of uncooked lima beans and begin profusely whipping your upper thigh until it is red and sore. Afterwards, open up a new window in your web browser of choice and type in Upon hitting enter, prepare to latch onto something solid as you will immediately be blown away by a fierce gust of awesomeness that will riddle your mind full of knowledge, power and daisies. As we are tweaking and fine tuning our new online portal to this little slice of Austin, we would like to hear what you think. If you choose to give feedback, you can either click the ‘feedback’ tab on the left side of the screen, or follow this url to offer up a piece of your mind: Happy surfing!!

[Coffeehouse Feedback]

Have you had the opportunity to enjoy the joe served up during our Sunday liturgies? If not, please stop by with an open mouth and uncaffeinated self and let us be your Sunday morning jolt with a smile. If you have, we’d love to hear what you think and get some feedback. We are currently in our Beta phase till the end of December and would like to see how we can improve, what ways we can change and what we can do to increase the viability of this new Space12 endeavor. We have created a feedback for here, so please stop on by to give us your 2 cents.

[Photo by Gideon Tsang @ Flickr]

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