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Moving Toward Christ

Weylin Lee reflects on our invitation to move toward Christ in this season of disruption and disconnection even in the midst of fatigue and uncertainty [Luke 5:1-11]. Reflection How are you creating space for the mystery and presence of God? What is Christ inviting you to consent to in this season? How is your calling being shaped right now? Practice […]

“Who Touched Me?”

Jane Patterson reflects on the interaction Jesus had with the woman who touched his robe in order to be healed and what it means for our calling to serve others [Mark 5:21-43]. Reflection Who has touched you in the last year? Who has touched you in the last week? Who has touched us? Resources Church: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (Minneapolis)


Jason Minnix reflects on how Jesus carries light to bring people into their calling [Matthew 4:12-23]. Reflection Where do I sense the light that seems too good to be true? How can I begin or continue to listen to my deeper desires? Spiritual Practice Attending to the Light of Desire.  Are my desires being sacrificed for my habits, or are […]

Life of Service

Weylin Lee reflects on how are we invited to live a life of service that’s sustainable and connected to what God is doing [Isaiah 49:1-7]. Reflection If you listen to your life, what is it revealing about your calling? How might you live a life of service in more sustainable ways? Similar to light, in what ways are you simply […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 09.09.12

Liturgy Listen! God, our beloved Creator, whispers to us: echoes of grace sound in our hearts, hope resonates in our souls. Listen! Christ, our Beloved friend, calls to us: faithfulness is the life he shares, generosity is the path we can follow. Listen, the Holy Spirit, our beloved Peace, transforms us: the voice of our Beloved sound through all creation, […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 12.19.10

Liturgy God spoke in the beginning; out of darkness came night and day, out of emptiness came creation, out of loneliness came humankind. And God said, “This is very good.” God spoke when the world was troubled; giving voice to prophets from the earliest days, moving through Mary as she gave birth to her child, crying as a vulnerable baby […]