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Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2021.10.17

Liturgy Time partners with painto slow every motion.The stomach partners with themind to confuse every notion. Where is the Lord? Brother looks to the storm,sister seeks a shadow,priest hopes to performa sacrifice of absolution. A tone of one cries from the wilderness. Through the rustle of leavesfrom the Tree of Lifethey say, “Come,take and eat.” In the fellowship ofthe blessed […]

In-Person Liturgy [Oct 17]

Full Capacity with Masks (no Greenhouse) As Austin has entered Stage 3, our in-person liturgy will be open at full capacity with no registration required. In order to continue facilitating a safe space for gathering, we are requiring masks indoors for anyone over 2 years old.  (Our Greenhouse classes will not be available until November, so children will need to stay […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2021.10.10

Liturgy Welcome, Love, into this space.Welcome, Light and Air and Breath, into this space. Welcome God, welcome friends, welcome.Welcome where you are this morning.All is well. Come and find the Love that can do all things.The Love not bound by fear,(though your fear is real)and wants nothing more than who you are.In this moment. Come however you are.Let go of […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2021.10.03

Liturgy God, your voice is but a whisper,and we struggle to hear itamid the clatter of life in its many forms,that works to claim our attention. We pray that this morning may be a timeof quiet reflection and devotion to you,when we can still our hearts and mindsand strain our ears to hear only you. Grant us mercy this morning […]

In-Person Liturgy Reopening [Oct 3]

Limited Capacity & Registration Required We have greatly missed seeing you all in person at Vesper for the past 18 months.  Starting this Sunday, Oct 3, we are reopening our in-person liturgy with a limited capacity and will require registration.  In order to continue facilitating a safe space for gathering while we are in stage 4 and 5, we are requiring vaccination and masks for […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2021.09.26

Liturgy As the harvest moon lights our path intoautumn, we rejoice at the change of the season.The fall winds bring a welcome respitefrom the heat of the summer.With gratitude, we sing God’s praise. As we gather again in this space,we acknowledge the reticence in returning.We are filled with anticipation, unsure of whatlies ahead, mourning the distance that lingers in our […]

In-Person Liturgy Reopening Plans

This post will continually be updated with information and plans around our return to in-person liturgy as we discern and announce them. (Last update: 10/15/21) After more than 15 months of virtual liturgy we have missed you all dearly!  As we approach the milestone for returning back to in-person liturgy, we want to provide an update on our discernment process […]