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Meditation of the Heart

Kelly Cutbirth reflects on how we might facilitate meditation of the heart especially in the challenging circumstances we face [Psalm 19]. Reflection What kind of song is your heart singing this morning? In what area of your life do you feel the need to hide parts of yourself? How does it feel to imagine yourself being fully known in that […]

How Do We Take Refuge in God?

David Wallace reflects on our practice of prayer and our invitation to contemplative prayer [Psalm 34:1-8]. Reflection How might you see prayer as a relationship with God? What specific areas of life require you to seek refuge in God? Why does silent prayer seem inviting or fearful to you? Resources Vox Workshop: Introduction to Centering Prayer

Ordinary Faith

Weylin Lee reflects on our invitation to practice ordinary faith that’s grounded in mercy as we push against celebrity culture [James 2:1-17]. Reflection What does it mean for us to push against celebrity culture in our community? How can we make space to reflect on and receive mercy in our lives? How are we integrating the teachings and life of […]

Rest and Contemplation

To the Vox community,  In Vox’s 14 years of existence, this is the most significant disruption to our weekly rhythm of liturgy. We as a staff miss being together with you all face to face. Know that our love and prayers are with you. This is our hope for us as we finish the lenten season apart in person, but together […]

Prayer As Posture

Gideon Tsang reflects on how prayer might realign the posture of our soul and being [Luke 18:1-8]. Reflection How might prayer help keep your heart open to God, ourselves and others? How does the way you feel about yourself reflect on the way you feel about God? Spiritual Practice Centering Prayer.  Choose a sacred word as the symbol of your […]

Vox Sunday Sit

For the next few Sundays, starting on October 20th, we will be having a Sunday Sit before liturgy in our newly renovated prayer room. We will begin promptly at 10am and will be 20 minutes in length. Lastly, if any of you are curious to learn more about contemplation, we have resources available on our website. [Photo by Danielle Nelson […]

Contemplation Resources

The following is a collection of resources to help with your journey and practice of contemplation. Homily Vision Series These are the homilies from the fall vision series on contemplation. Contemplation: Creating Space Contemplation: Seeing the Space Between Us Contemplation: Noticing Deeply Contemplation: Giving Consent Reading List This is a list of helpful books and reading resources on contemplation. Intimacy […]