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Touching the Eternal

Jennifer Cumberbatch reflects on the invitation to joy in the midst of suffering [Romans 5:1-5]. Reflection Is it possible that suffering (loss, trials, temptations, tribulation) is a portal to the presence of the Holy One and thus a path to experiencing joy? Is there divine purpose in suffering? Resources Video: Joyful Joyful (Sister Act 2) Spiritual Practice PLAN: P – […]

Our Struggle for Hope

As we near the beginning of Lent, Gideon Tsang invites us to consider what we hope for in our maturity and transformation [2 Cor 3:12-18]. Reflection What are your hopes for Lent? Who allows you to be fully who you are when you are with them and what does that feel like? Resources Book: A Hidden Wholeness (Parker Palmer) Video: […]

Too Deep for Words

As we begin the season of Lent, Jason Minnix reflects on navigating suffering and hope in meaningful ways [Romans 8:22-28]. Reflection How can I make space to rest in God praying for me during this season of Lent? What is my small part next to God’s small part in creating goodness from the shattered bits of life? Resources Video: Kids […]

Advent I: Hope

Jason Minnix begins the season of Advent by reflecting on the hope that Jesus lived and where we look and wait for that hope [Isaiah 2:1-5]. Reflection: Where am I watching and waiting for epiphany to break in? How can I make space to rest and trust transformation is happening? Resources Book:Come Out My People by Wes Howard-Brook

Hope Through Struggle

Gideon Tsang continues our conversation on hope and how it is a function of struggle in times of distress and uncertainty [Psalm 141]. Reflection: What are you feeling today? What might those feelings be revealing to you? What does it look like to struggle together for hope?


Weylin Lee explores what we’re invited to do in times of hopelessness as we wait for God’s original vision for us and our world to be fully restored [2 Thessalonians 2:13-17]. Reflection: How can we see ourselves and others the same way God sees us? How can our responses to hopelessness be more life giving instead of life limiting? How […]

Near Faith

Jason Minnix speaks about how faith carries us through hope in that which is not yet [Hebrews 11:1-3,8-16]. Reflection: How can we hold the tension of unfulfilled desires in a meaningful way? Whose faith are we invited to be near? Resources: Podcast: Mystery Show – Case #3 Belt Buckle Book: It’s Not You Poem: The Moment

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