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This Side of Heaven

How might trust grow as we invite God into our dry places? This fifth Sunday of Lent, Kimberly Culbertson companions us into vulnerable places of grief, challenge, and trauma, as she considers what healing looks like in our story here and now. [Ezekiel 37] Reflection Where in your life are you longing for resurrection? Can you lay that before God? […]

Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.3.26

Liturgy Welcome to this community that is gathering this morning. You are invited to bring all the messiness in your life.Your confusion, your unease, your uncertainty;all of who you are is welcome to participate. God, will you help us soften our resistance?Will you help us release our desire for controljust a little more this morning? You are invited to bring […]

Where are Miracles When You Need Them?

David Wallace reflects on our invitation to perceive the miracles in our lives that aren’t possible from a human perspective [Luke 9:28-43]. Reflection What are “old stories” in your lives that you’re holding on to? What would new versions of these stories look like if you could perceive them differently?

Meditation of the Heart

Kelly Cutbirth reflects on how we might facilitate meditation of the heart especially in the challenging circumstances we face [Psalm 19]. Reflection What kind of song is your heart singing this morning? In what area of your life do you feel the need to hide parts of yourself? How does it feel to imagine yourself being fully known in that […]

Mystery of God

Weylin Lee reflects on how we are invited to remain in the space of mystery as we begin to decompress from the past year and reimagine how our community might reconnect in new ways [Mark 4:26-34]. Reflection How might we release control in order to experience divine transformation? How are we invited to welcome the unexpected and offer safe space […]

True Authority

Kelly Cutbirth reflects on how Jesus modeled another way of authority and how we’re invited to embody this truer way of authority as we lead and follow others [Mark 1:21-28]. Reflection What ideas about authority am I being invited to let go of?How can I use my authority to care for and restore freedom to others? Practice Authority grounded in […]

Hard Times

For Kid’s Sunday, Gena Minnix reflects on how God invites us through difficult times in our lives [Hebrews 12:1-2]. Reflection How does my small story connect with the larger story? How does ‘looking where the artist looked’, help me see God’s trustworthiness? Resources Video: Mountain of Hell Race Crash Artist: Tomás Saraceno

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