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Ordinary Faith

Weylin Lee reflects on our invitation to practice ordinary faith that’s grounded in mercy as we push against celebrity culture [James 2:1-17]. Reflection What does it mean for us to push against celebrity culture in our community? How can we make space to reflect on and receive mercy in our lives? How are we integrating the teachings and life of […]

Green Pastures and Dark Valleys

Weylin Lee, Kristy Robinson and Joe Arenella reflect together on how they are receiving and integrating Psalm 23 in the context of how this past year has invited them into the green pastures and dark valleys [Psalm 23]. Reflection What are the green pastures you’re invited to remember from this past year? How have you seen glimpses of God’s grace […]

Flow of Mercy

Weylin Lee reflects on how we might be blocking the flow of mercy in our lives and what barriers we might have built that limit the flow [Matthew 15:10-28]. Reflection What expectations and hidden biases do we have that limit our flow of mercy? How might we practice mercy as a mutual flow that feeds the cycle of giving and […]

Mercy in Discernment

Jane Patterson reflects on Jesus’ parable that invites us to discernment in the spaces of judgment in our lives [Matthew 13:24-30]. Reflection What is the difference between being discerning about someone’s actions and judging them? In what ways have you been corrected in a way that was creative for you? Resources Article: After a Trail of Tears, Justice for Indian […]

Nourishing Love

Jason Minnix reflects on what is really nourishing and giving us life right now.  Dave Schwab also shares his reflections on this text [Isaiah 55:1-13]. Reflection How am I being invited to attend to my deeper desires? Where do I sense invitation into God’s expansive presence today? What is the nourishing love I’m being invited to sow now? Spiritual Practice […]

Remember Mercy

As we enter the season of Lent, Gideon Tsang reflects on what we need to remember about God’s goodness [Psalm 103:1-6]. Reflection What does it look like to bring your shame into the magnitude of mercy this week? How does it make you feel knowing God wants to satisfy your needs with goodness as long as you live? Spiritual Practice […]

Lens of Humility

Weylin Lee reflects on how the lenses that we use to see ourselves and others might be helping or hurting our posture of humility [Luke 18:9-14]. Reflection How have we devalued others through our lens of contempt? Does our lens of comparison lead us to competition or curiosity? How can we put on a lens of mercy toward ourselves and […]

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