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Naomi Jackson reflects on how Jesus’ interaction with his disciples after resurrection invites us to our own experience of restoration [Luke 24:36-48]. Reflection How do we see the marks of death we see in ourselves? And how have they been transformed? How do you need to reintroduce yourself to your community? Where do you need to experience restoration?

Practice Resurrection

As we celebrate Easter, Gideon Tsang talks about what it means to be an active participant instead of a passive recipient in how we live out resurrection [Luke 24:1-9]. Reflection How do we engage in relentless curiosity in our journey of faith? What is the fear in our lives that we can come together to engage? What are the areas […]


Chris Morton speaks about our identity in Christ and what it means to practice resurrection in our lives. [Ephesians 1:15-23] Reflection: What parts of our identity do we need to leave behind in order to claim our new identity and inheritance? How can we help those inside and outside our community begin to expect resurrection? Where, in our lives and […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 03.31.13

Liturgy Break the box and shed the nard; Stop not now to count the cost; Hither bring pearl, opal, sard; Reck not what the poor have lost; Upon Christ throw all away: Know ye, this is Easter Day. Build His church and deck His shrine; Empty though it be on earth; Ye have kept your choicest wine – Let it […]