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Empathy II

As we continue our series on our Vox Values, Gideon Tsang interviews Geeta Mondol to discuss how the value of Empathy is experienced and practiced in her center for the differently abled in New Dehli, India [1 Corinthians 8]. Value of Empathy Theologians use “incarnation” to refer to God’s radical act of empathy: God became like us, in order to […]

Values: Artistry

Gideon Tsang starts our series on our Vox Values by focusing on Artistry and what it looks like to be a community that participates in being creators [Genesis 2]. Value of Artistry We are a community of makers. We live into God’s resemblance of artistry that was envisioned in the garden. The ultimate act of creativity is God’s redemption of […]

Ecuador Update

Last year, Vox Veniae partnered with Chris and Jenny Hoskins through our denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church, to support their missionary work with pastoral care in Ecuador. Below, they share an update on their life and work in Ecuador. If you’d like to learn more about the Hoskins, there are a few resources below. We’ve now passed the two-month mark […]

Community First! House Blessing [Jul 30]

The canvas cottage that Vox built at Community First! will soon be home for one of our homeless brothers! During the week of July 25 an individual will move into the cottage. Help us celebrate at the House Blessing the following Saturday, July 30, at noon under the big white tent. There will be a short service and MLF will […]


Nicolas Acosta speaks about the kind of biblical justice that we should integrate into our conversations and lives [Amos 8:1-12]. Reflection: How can we think in terms of system and not individualizing issues? How can we stand and be near those who are suffering in order to learn more about who God is and who we are? How do we […]

Making Culture

Stefan Eicher visits from our partner in India (Reflection Art) and talks about how art begins with and connects us with the story of God [Genesis 1]. Reflection: How are you a maker and creator in your context and work? What would it mean for you to participate and collaborate with the story of God? What is your mark that […]

When Helping Loves

Gideon Tsang talks about what it would look like to help others in a healthy and loving way. [1 John 4] Reflection: What is our motivation for helping people? What does our fear tell us about our love, identity and understanding of God? How can we learn to extend the family of God further and expand the circle of inclusion? […]