April 6, 2015

April Clothing Drive

Austin State Hospital is in need of men’s clothing. The smaller and bigger sizes are of most need. Shorts and summertime clothing will start to become a need as it warms up over the next month. Shoes, belts, suspenders and other accessories would also be greatly appreciated. Much of the clothing that the people we are serving wear come here through donations. Drop some clothing before or after service this month at Vox Veniae.

The Austin State Hospital currently serves as an acute care facility for its 300 patients. Patients typically stay several days to a few weeks until their condition stabilizes and they can return to their communities. The focus of treatment is stabilization of acute psychiatric illnesses and return to the community where outpatient support services can be provided by the community centers that work with ASH. Thanks so much.

Vox will be collecting donations of gently used men’s clothing the month of April after liturgy. Please direct any questions to [email protected]

[Photo by Kiera Lin @ Flickr]

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