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Contemplation: Noticing Deeply

As we continue our fall vision series exploring Contemplation, Gideon Tsang reflects on why it might be helpful to notice our lives more deeply [Matthew 8:18-22]. Reflection What does it look like to contemplate the ways we divide in life? How can we contemplate finding home within ourselves? Resources Song: Love More (Sharon Van Etten) Spiritual Practice Consider the sides […]


Gideon Tsang speaks about how our experience of faith should reflect a journey of discovery rather than developing and defending ideology and propositional truths. [Matthew 2] Reflection: How are we invited into the process of healing in our own lives and not simply focusing on the macro level of injustice in the world? What is our version or experience of […]

Christmas Eve Liturgy

If you’re in town, please join us for our Christmas liturgy potluck at Space12 at 6:30pm with Mosaic. Worship, Eucharist, Community and Good Eats. Good times! Make sure you bring a dish! Please sign up on the event page. We will not be having our regular Sunday Liturgy on Christmas day. [Photo by Damien Rayuela @ Flickr]

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