September 22, 2019

Contemplation: Noticing Deeply

As we continue our fall vision series exploring Contemplation, Gideon Tsang reflects on why it might be helpful to notice our lives more deeply [Matthew 8:18-22].


  • What does it look like to contemplate the ways we divide in life?
  • How can we contemplate finding home within ourselves?


Spiritual Practice

  • Consider the sides we experience.  What if contemplation helps the crowded other side, slowly depopulate?  Perhaps overtime we’ll realize there are no other sides within us either.  Then perhaps slowly, maybe one day, we’ll realize there aren’t sides.
  • Consider our home.  Where are you most at home?  With whom are you most at home?  Where are you least at home? With whom are you least at home?
  • Centering Prayer.  Sit for 10 minutes and use a sacred word, phrase or image to center and allow yourself to move into a posture of surrender and openness to God.

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