May 7, 2020

Theology Conversations

For some of us, we think of theology as a knowledge-based experience that only engages the mind.  However, theology is an invitation to practice a posture of listening as we engage and articulate God’s story in a way that transfers to all the parts of our lives and not just our minds. 

Starting in May, Gena Minnix will be hosting theology conversations based around her writing project and focused on creation, humanity, Christ, the Spirit and the church. This will be an opportunity to consider and contemplate different questions and perspectives as we engage Scripture and our understanding of God and ourselves.

Topics for conversation and the tentative schedule:

  • May: Wednesday, May 20th at 7pm – 8:30pm (online group meeting):
    • “In the Beginning” (Cosmology) – thoughts about creation, why we’re here, what it means to be made in the image of God.
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Conversation #1 Guide Handout

  • July:
    • “In the Garden” (Theological Anthropology) – thoughts about the story of the original couple, the snake, the fruit, what it means to be human, what is “sin”? (for my part, I think it can be helpful to think about this from a stress/trauma neuroscience perspective)
  • August:
    • “Who is Jesus?” (Christology) – thoughts on the incarnation story, the crucifixion, what it means that God entered our story as one of us (I think scapegoating theory and God undoing our violence can be helpful here)
  • September:
    • “The Spirit” (Pneumatology) – thoughts on the role of the Spirit in our salvation, what is spiritual discernment, what’s at the heart of contemplative practices
  • October:
    • “The Church” (Ecclesiology) – thoughts on what it means to be the Body of Christ, why do we gather, why Liturgy? Eucharist? what’s meaningful about rituals and reminders.

[Photo by Julie Tingley @ Flickr]

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