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In our attempts to follow a Rhythm of Life, we recognize how important a daily rhythm of prayer and scripture is to our spiritual formation. For those looking for helpful tools, there is an online resource at that can help you hear God’s voice through the scriptures. We encourage you to utilize this tool daily to center our lives […]

Sunday Prayer

Join us on Sunday mornings before liturgy to participate in prayer for Vox, our neighborhood, our city and world. We will be spending the morning to contemplate and meditate in order to listen to God and to pray for the needs of those around. We will be meeting for the first time this Sunday (Sept 16) at 10am in the […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 07.22.12

Liturgy It is truly right always and everywhere to praise you, Lord God our Father, Lover of all. Your wind swept the waters when our world began, and you spoke the Word that was always your Word. Through him all things came to be, and his life lightened every life with the light, darkness could not swallow. And when sin’s […]

Spiritual Direction with Fred

Fred Ruof, who has been a part of the Vox community for the last couple years, is in the process of setting up two ministries at Vox: 1. A program of Centered Prayer and Meditation 2. A light-handed guidance service of Spiritual Direction. To this end Vox is setting aside space and time for these initiatives at Space12 on Tuesday, […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 12.11.11

Liturgy In his days justice and peace will flourish till the moon fails. In his days justice shall flourish and the voice of those who are oppressed will be heard. The poor will receive enough on which to live and the rich will share gladly the abundance they have received at the hand of God. O come, O come, Emmanuel. […]

Midweek Prayer

If you’ve joined us for our Midweek prayers, then you will have journeyed with us through the fixed hour prayers. Although our midweek prayer gatherings are going into its own little prayer cave, please don’t let this minor prayer siesta throw off your prayer rhythm. The fixed hour prayers can be found by clicking the Pray the Hours link halfway […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 04.10.11

Liturgy Grace is who you are, God of every heart, and blessed is your Son, Jesus Christ, our Brother, our Redeemer, our Hope. Weeping over the brokenness of your dreams for us, he came to make us whole. Weeping over the pain we cause, he came to heal us. Weeping over Jerusalem, he came to bring forth the new kingdom […]