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Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2022.04.17

Liturgy The sun peeks around the cover of darkness.When doom thickens the air, its light seeps through,a constant unwavering force in the tumult of time.“All is not lost,” the sun’s steadiness soothes us. The cool, damp tomb is empty.The devoted, unable to carry out their faithful duty.Like a doe hearing the snap of a twig from a hunter’s step,confusion and […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2022.04.10

Liturgy God of Love,God of Justice,God of Subversion,God of the Oppressed, Hear us.Welcome us.Empower us. Open our eyes to injustice around us.Crowd our hearts with compassion.Energize our steps as those of a young colt.Sweeten our lips with triumphant praises. “Glory to God in the highest!”“Blessed are they who come in the name of the Lord!”“Peace in Heaven!” When another says, […]

Holy Week 2022

As the global Church has journeyed through this season of Lent, we find ourselves stepping into the heart of what defines the word Christian.  During the final week of Lent, we embark on what the Church has called ‘Holy Week’ where we remember, mourn and celebrate the life, death and eventual resurrection of Jesus. We will be offering a guide […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2022.04.03

Liturgy God, we stand together,collectively confessing – in moments of discomfort,we feel in our bodies – resistance.Jaws and lips tightening, eyes shifting in retreat,throats squeezing in breath, straining our voices. When the tension of discomfort creepswithin us, may our quick impulse to fight,flee, or freeze and go unnoticed be replacedby your holy invitation to trust and embracethe sacred space of […]

Good Friday Joint Liturgy and Potluck [Apr 15]

We will be hosting a Good Friday joint liturgy and potluck on April 15 at Vesper starting at 6:30pm. Other local churches will be collaborating with us and the potluck will give us an opportunity to connect with others from The Vine, Austin Mustard Seed, Restore Austin, Eikon and Peace of Christ Wilco. Please sign up so we have an […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2022.03.20

Liturgy What if, all that we are is enough?Could the hunger of our heart be intentional?Our pleasure, a wild force for good?Our worry, a mirror for your wounds?Grief, a portal to the intimacy you crave? May we allow life to move in us.May we open to the mystery of now.May we grow in our dance of giving and receiving. How […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2022.03.27

Liturgy Let us begin our time together with a breath,And with a breath, begin a time to relax and be freewithin the sanctuary of God’s divine authority.Our response will be highlighted in yellow. Release us, merciful God, from ourfalse impressions of Your divine authority. You do not press down with force.You do not belittle. You do not shame.You do not […]