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Vanakam (Greetings) from Chennai!

You may recall the tall giant who sometime early January timidly approached the mic and asked you to pray for her while she was in India. That giant was me! What then seemed like a significant amount of time now draws quickly—and cruelly–to an end. Crossing the airport barricade in January, I didn’t know what to expect, all I knew was to be expectant. […]

India Fundraiser

In October, Team Citizens United (Weylin, Hannah and Constance) went to India to meet potential organizations in Delhi to support and learn from. Read About our New Partners We are selling Vox T-shirts and bags to raise funds for our new partners in Delhi – Reflection Art and Ashish Center. Cost is $20 per shirt or bag and you can […]

India Update: Delhi Partners

In October, Team Citizens United (Weylin, Hannah and Constance) went to India to visit a longtime partner, Calvary Community Church in Chennai, and meet other potential organizations in Delhi to support and learn from. CALVARY COMMUNITY CHURCH Our time in Chennai allowed us to celebrate the last decade of our relationship with Calvary Community Church. Gideon originally met Pastor Charlie […]

Mission Sunday

I grew up in the Baptist church. Every year (probably twice a year since we were Baptist), the cavernous foyer would be filled on a Sunday morning with tables upon tables of people returned from all over the world to share about their lives overseas. The Peru table was covered in beautiful blankets. The missionaries to India had pictures of […]

Namaste, y’all

In October, a couple of us from Vox’s missions team and a Vox pastor will be going to India. We will visit Calvary Community Church in Chennai — our longtime partner in the work of the Gospel. There, Pastor Vincent Samuel runs many programs that Vox has been helping to support financially that benefit his under-resourced community. We will also […]

Catie’s Update: Reflections and Prayer

Catie, a Vox member, is currently living and working in El Salvador. She updates us on her thoughts and prayers regularly — you can read her first update here and her blog here. Today I was feeling the very strong need to pull close to my Vox community, and was so so grateful for the liturgy podcasts, prayers, and reflections […]

Teesa’s Update: Greetings from Maai Mahiu

Here at Vox we remain connected to several Vox community members currently living and serving overseas. Teesa Bahana, a much-missed Voxmie, is living in Kenya and working for Comfort the Children International.   Hey Voxians, Voxites, Voxmies (Vox + homies), Greetings from windy Maai Mahiu! Chicago has nothing on this place. I’m currently holed up in my apartment for fear of […]