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Values: Empathy

Gena Minnix continues our series on our Vox Values by focusing on Empathy and how essential empathy is for diversity [1 Corinthians 8]. Value of Empathy Theologians use “incarnation” to refer to God’s radical act of empathy: God became like us, in order to be with us and experience what we feel. We strive to reciprocate that in our relationships. […]

Embodying the Other

Jason Minnix speaks about how our distinctiveness enhances our growth as individuals, and as a community. [1 Corinthians 12:12-20] Reflection Who are the others in my life I’m being invited to embrace? How is God inviting me to lean into this body and participate in a sustainable way?

Favorites & Faith

Gideon Tsang examines favoritism in our lives and what hinders and facilitates our ability to love the other. [James 2:1-9] Reflection: How have we been bad judges in how we view and perceive others? Who is the other in our lives that represents the diversity that is required to live out the image of God? How do we need to […]

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