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Summer Neighborhoods

It’s that time again, and no, I am not referring to your monthly appointment to get your bits and bobs trimmed. We’re talkin’ bout lifestage ‘hoods, y’all! We’ve got a group for everyone, so connect with the group that best fits your current life stage and be ready for a whale of a good time. For the most up to […]

ECC Adoption

Have you ever had a craving for something, and when you finally push it into your mouth hole, it’s as amazing as your mind hyped it up to be?  Well, that’s exactly how we feel about finally being adopted into the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC).  Last week, Weylin and his fantastic family of Five represented the Vox community at the […]

Global Update: Gravansky

Amidst this summer of practicing rest, there are some in our community who have chosen to spend a part of their summer serving and caring for others around the country, and around the world.  As a reminder that our community does not exist on its own island, here is an update on what God is doing through E, Skylar and […]

The People’s Majestic

Have you ever dined at a fine restaurant that serves nothing but food that makes you want to punch a goat out of sheer gastronomic ecstasy? Perhaps you’ve wrapped your lips around some surf and turf and the only socially appropriate response is to weep like a little baby. If you’ve been craving that “good god that’s delicious” feeling only […]

Newcomer Lunch

Are you new to the Vox community? If so, we hope you’ve enjoyed your time with us, and would love to have you join us for a newcomers lunch. On June 12th immediately following liturgy, we will have a time for those new to Vox to learn more about the community, as well as have an opportunity to be known.  […]

Summer Neighborhoods

As we say hello to June, may we all extend a warm ‘whaddup’ to our Summer Neighborhoods that will be starting up soon. We will be taking a break from our regional gatherings and have meetups by lifestage once a month during the summer. If you would like to join a Summer Neighborhood, please send an email to the group […]

There’s Something About Mary

Lots of things happen in the summer. For the celestial aficionados, you have the summer solstice. For all Bryan Adams fans, may we never forget our first real six string from the five and dime that we bough during the Summer of 69. And for the slightly more morbid movie maniacs, we have the Summer of Sam. For Vox this […]