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Community Prayers 04.22.12

As a community, we can support and celebrate with each other through prayer. Join us in praying for those both spoken and unspoken during Sunday liturgy. Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … My father and mother showing me love and how to love (Gideon) My brother Jacob who feels the freest he’s ever felt even behind bars (Su) God’s unconditional love […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 04.22.12

Liturgy We thank you, God, for drawing us to this place and time and for interrupting us with your gift of life in Christ. Whether we have heard the news many times over, or are this day, listening with brand new ears, surprise us with your justice and righteousness, that our lives might turn in the right direction. Startle us […]

Vox/Mosaic Potluck

Potlucks. Who doesn’t love ’em? Well, if you’re a person who doesn’t like sharing, then I guess potlucks are like eating glass to you: Sounds exciting, but you’ll probably pass. But for those who are super keen on the whole ‘bring a dish, share a dish’ approach to filling your intestines, then what better than to get your grub on […]

Traveling Mercies, Salucierol!!

What can one accomplish in 4 years? Here are a few ideas: Get a college degree Build the Golden Gate Bridge Paint the Mona Lisa Write, direct and edit the film ‘House of 1000 Corpses’ Complete one term as the President of the United States Build Space12 from the ground up Four years ago, Sam and with his magnificent family […]

UPDATE: Vox Proposed Interim Budget

Last Sunday, August 7th, we held a budget meeting to talk through Vox’s proposed budget for 2011-2012.  Based on feedback from the budget meeting, we are proposing an interim budget for September through December 2011.  The Vox fiscal year has always followed the academic calendar because we started out as a college ministry.  However, based on ECC’s recommendation, we are […]

Becky’s Birthday Bonanaza

If you’ve been to Vox, chances are you’ve met our beloved Becky, the lovely lady who sells flowers by CVS on the Drag and helps keep Space12 beautifully immaculate during the week. This past Tuesday (August 9th) was her birthday, and we would love to invite the Vox community to join in on the celebration. This Sunday, we will have […]

Grace in Mexico

¡Hola friends, family, & supporters! My trip sadly ends next week, Friday, August 12th. I know people have been praying for me throughout the summer.  These prayers have all been heard and answered here in Mexico—everything I initially asked for, to be open and obedient and to embrace the culture, and much, much more. This trip was not so much […]