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Midweek Prayer

If you’ve joined us for our Midweek prayers, then you will have journeyed with us through the fixed hour prayers. Although our midweek prayer gatherings are going into its own little prayer cave, please don’t let this minor prayer siesta throw off your prayer rhythm. The fixed hour prayers can be found by clicking the Pray the Hours link halfway […]

Calling All Audiophiles!!

Do you like pushing buttons? How about turning knobs? Are your ears bordering on supersonic where you can distinguish the difference between C-sharp and D-flat? If so, we have a job for you!! The music crew is looking for some new people to help run the sound board during our Sunday liturgies.  If you’re interested in helping, please send an […]


Are you in possession of a skill that boggles the minds of all those around you? Are people banging on your door and begging for you to pass on this said skill? If so, we have a perfect opportunity for you!! On Saturday, May 14th from 10:30am to 5:30pm, Skillshare will be returning to Space12 and shall host another day […]

Children’s Dedication

Did you grow up listening to the culture changing radio show ‘American Top 40’ where the smooth pipes and witty banter of Casey Kasem penetrated our ears and pollinated our hearts?  If so, then you’re familiar with the segment that gave callers the opportunity to dedicate sappy songs to loved ones which conveyed their unfailing love in ways Hallmark cards […]

Holy Week

As the global Church has journeyed through this season of Lent, we find ourselves stepping into the heart of what defines the word Christian.  During this final week of Lent, we embark on what the Church has called ‘Holy Week’ where we remember, mourn and celebrate the life, death and eventual resurrection of Jesus.  In partnership with Mosaic, we invite […]

Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic

This Sunday, Mick and Su Santostefano have graciously opened up their home for a post-Vox Easter Sunday Potluck brunch. In addition to the gastronomic festivities,  we will have an Easter egg hunt for the kids. If you’re interested, rsvp on the facebook event, which is home to some witty wall posts and directions to the Santostefano house. Please bring a […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 8.8.10

Liturgy Holy are you, God of infinite imagination, and blessed is Jesus Christ, your Son, our Hope, our Lord and Savior. He should have been clothed in royal robes of purple and gold, but put on the uniform of a condemned prisoner, so we could be clothed in your grace. He should have been given every honor the world has, […]