We live in a culture where being in a church means shopping and consuming community. We invite you to find your plot of the garden within the community and the world we live in and get your hands dirty.


We live in a culture where being in a church means shopping and consuming community. We invite you into a beautiful alternative, Liturgy, which means “the work of the people”.

Every Sunday at 10:30am

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Sunday Online Liturgy

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Greenhouse Kids

Weekly gatherings for shorties anchored by snacks, prayer and scripture to learn what it looks like to love God and in turn, their short neighbors. Greenhouse is available for kids under 12 on Sunday mornings during Liturgy after the announcements.


Rhythms of Liturgy

  • Worship. Resting in Love itself.
  • Confession. Reflecting and articulating the ways we’ve lived to earn love rather than living out of love.
  • Passing the Peace. Reminding each other we are always in the presence of God’s presence in times of difficulty and beauty.
  • Scripture. Finding ourselves as participants in God’s story.
  • Prayers of the People. Supporting and celebrating with each other through prayer.
  • Eucharist. Remembering that we are inherently lovable and loved by God. Dying to the ways we earn love to be resurrected into the resounding pattern of grace.
  • Benediction.  Being sent back to our city to live the church out of love.


The homilies during Liturgy become our expression to be with and shaped by the mysteriously living words of Scripture. We have made them available online.

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ZAMYN Middle & High Schoolers

ZAMYN is our community of middle and high school students who are full participants in our liturgy and the life of our community. As they move through this vulnerable time of transition we journey with them through mentoring and super fun socials.


The Story of Vox


In 2006 a group of friends set out to learn how to be a church and Vox Veniae was born. Our hope was that we would be reflective of, learn from and reach the beautiful city we lived in. Over the years we moved from campus to Hyde Park and finally now to East Austin.

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Over the course of our journey as a church community, our values have surfaced to the top. They capture who we are and shape who we hope to become.

Vox’s Values


From our Navigation Team to our Admin Team, everyone contributes to who we are as a church. We strive to hear and follow God’s leading for our community.

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Journey of Empathy & LGBTQ Diversity

One of our values at Vox is Empathy within diversity. This means modeling Christ’s life of standing with those that are different than us, especially those who have been marginalized by society and religious institutions.

LGBTQ Journey Description