July 7, 2011

Summer Neighborhoods

It’s that time again, and no, I am not referring to your monthly appointment to get your bits and bobs trimmed. We’re talkin’ bout lifestage ‘hoods, y’all! We’ve got a group for everyone, so connect with the group that best fits your current life stage and be ready for a whale of a good time. For the most up to date info on where each group will be meeting, send an email to the coordinator to get on the greatest mailing list you’ve ever known.


When: July 16, August 20 (6pm)
Contact: Chris & Julie


When: July 21, August 19 (7pm)
Contact: Jeremy & Jessica


When: July 16, August 13 (11am)
Contact: Paul & Kristine

Check out the map for locations.

[by thundered cat]

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