June 30, 2011

Global Update: Gravansky

Amidst this summer of practicing rest, there are some in our community who have chosen to spend a part of their summer serving and caring for others around the country, and around the world.  As a reminder that our community does not exist on its own island, here is an update on what God is doing through E, Skylar and Grace.


After a two-week orientation, the organization CrossWorld has appointed me to return to the same team for an 18-month internship to begin, God-willing, in October. In the meantime, I will be working several jobs to raise the balance of support needed before leaving, and I welcome your partnership in giving as well. I would also appreciate your prayer to continue learning more about Jesus through the Word and prayer, and that God would give me opportunities both here and abroad to share what he has done in my life. If you would like to know more about CrossWorld, Central Asia or the vision for the work, please contact me and let’s get together!


Skylar is currently in Montana working with Campus Crusade for Christ, and living on an Indian reservation.  In addition to learning and practicing a wide array of spiritual practices and disciplines, he is living the Church by caring for and living with a people group that is perhaps the epitome of what it means to be marginalized, oppressed and exploited.  Whether through conversation, fishing or just kicking’ it, Skylar is doing what he does best:  keeping’ it real and reppin’ the 512.


Grace is currently in in Mexico City enjoying the world’s greatest tacos and sporting the coolest sombrero known to humankind.  Just kidding…well, sort of.  She IS in Mexico City, but amidst the lovely culture and scrumptious weather, she has immersed herself in a culture that is not her own.  As she battles the language barrier, cultural and religious differences, her heart to serve and care for all that surrounds her remains steadfast, if not uncannily heightened.  Over the next 8 weeks, let us continue to pray for Grace as she masters the Spanish language and practices patience and silence amidst the continuous bombardment of people and activities.  If you would like to follow Grace and her plethora of activities, she has started a blog which can be found here.

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