June 10, 2011

The People’s Majestic

Have you ever dined at a fine restaurant that serves nothing but food that makes you want to punch a goat out of sheer gastronomic ecstasy? Perhaps you’ve wrapped your lips around some surf and turf and the only socially appropriate response is to weep like a little baby. If you’ve been craving that “good god that’s delicious” feeling only some #mouthjollies can give you, I think we have the perfect solution for you.

With the help of Austin’s finest musicians, our resident little man, Harmon, has churned out an amazing musical masterpiece that has been deemed an instant classic. Just look at the rave reviews:

“This album is so amazing, I don’t think I need booze and blow anymore.” – L. Lohan

“I’m not running for president anymore because of this album.” – D. Trump”

Crom!!” – C. The Barbarian

“My sabbatical just got crazy awesome. Thanks Harmon!!” – G. Tsang

You may be wondering where you might be able to snatch up one of these nuggets of ear candy. Well, we’re glad you asked. If you would like a flat spinny contraption that looks like a smoothed out mitre saw blade (I think our ancestors called them Compact Discs), you can sashay your way over to Harmon and he can hook you up, if the price is right. Or, if you’re up with the times and laying your life on the altar of Apple, you can let your fingers dance you over to iTunes, where, again, you can download it if the price is right. And finally, if you’re the file sharing type, enjoy this super duper secret torrent, found here.

However you choose to procure your music, we hope you enjoy the hard work of Harmon and all the Vox musicians who helped turn random notes into an absolute masterpiece. So please support this little curry fanatic and BUY THIS ALBUM!

Purchase at either of the following: iTunes or Amazon

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