Co-creators of the hands and feet of Christ holding space for the spiritual journey of each other.


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Covenant Membership

We can do more together than we can alone. We have all been gifted and resourced in specific ways to participate with others.

In becoming a Covenant Member of Vox, we enter into a relational agreement for the sake of committing to God, Mission, Community, and Formation. To commit to participating as a member of a functioning Body with your gifts, passions and resources (1 Corinthians 12).

Vox Covenant Member

Once a year, we will make the Covenant Member application process available (in the fall).

Become a Covenant Member


Create or Update a Rhythm of Giving

Now we come to the time when we remember nothing in life in truly ours but all is a gift from God.

To create, update, or review your financial contributions, see our giving page.


Roots and Sustainability

Your generosity has shaped who we are as a community, including by allowing us to purchase and renovate the building which is now Vesper.

Roots and Sustainability