July 28, 2019

Growing In Substance

Weylin Lee explores what it means for us to grow in a meaningful way if the substance of our faith is Christ [Colossians 2:6-19].


  • How can you allow gratitude to overflow in your life?
  • In what ways can you engage the dying process in order to experience life?
  • In what ways is our practice of freedom moving us towards Christ?


Spiritual Practice

  • Practice of Gratitude: Stop Look Go.  Stop – slow down, stop trying so hard and be present.  Look – open your eyes, ears, senses to soak in all that we’ve been given.  Go – move into the world with gratitude that is overflowing.
  • Imagine the Dying Process.  Imagine the death of a loved one, a job or a dream.  Sit in the emotions and feelings that surface from that imagined loss. Invite the disappearance of clinging that is tied to anxiety and insecurity and fear.

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