December 12, 2021

Joy in Distress

As we continue in the season of Advent, Weylin Lee reflects on what practices might invite us to embody joy as we continue to navigate distress and disruption both in and outside our lives [Philippians 4:4-7].


  • Who are those in our lives that we might need to embody gentleness towards?
  • How might we hold the tension of practicing gratitude in the midst of difficult circumstances?


  • Joy. How might our reflection on the full story and life of Christ become a source of joy in our lives?
  • Gentleness. How might we imagine a posture of empowered gentleness would look like with those who are a source of distress in our lives?
  • Gratitude. What experiences and people can we express gratitude for in the past year as we have navigated a challenging season?

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  1. Won

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    thank you for this service. We are based in NYC, but felt the love all the way there in Austin.


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