December 13, 2020


As we continue in the Advent season, Weylin Lee reflects on the things that God is and has been revealing about ourselves and others and God this past year [John 1:6-8, 19-23].


  1. What are the glimpses of divine light we have seen even in our moments of darkness?
  2. How might we live more from our authentic self and embrace who God has made us to be?
  3. What are the voices we are hearing that are crying out in the margins for God’s justice and mercy?


  1. Lighting candles. Gather some tea light candles. Remember the glimpses of hope and comfort and guidance that you experienced in darkness. Light a candle for each glimpse of comfort.
  2. Reflection of personal actions. Examine an action or choice or decision that involved other people. “Was I living out of my ego or was I living out of my rooted and fully loved authentic self?”

MWG Discussion Questions

  1. What has this past year revealed to you about yourself and the world around you?  What was expected?  What was unexpected?
  2. What has been a glimpse of divine light in your experiences this past year?  How have you seen God’s comfort, guidance and hope in the moments of darkness?
  3. How has the pandemic removed the exterior layers that we tend to live from?  What parts of your authentic self has been revealed to you this past year?  How have you been holding the tension of living out of who God has made you to be?

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