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As we continue in the Advent season, Weylin Lee reflects on the things that God is and has been revealing about ourselves and others and God this past year [John 1:6-8, 19-23]. Reflection What are the glimpses of divine light we have seen even in our moments of darkness? How might we live more from our authentic self and embrace […]

True Lightness

Jason Minnix reflects on how Jesus invites us to experience levity in the midst of the current weights in our lives [Matthew 11:25-30]. Reflection Where am I being invited to release my assumptions and receive new eyes? What truth, if any, offers me rest and ease now? Spiritual Practice Don’t ask Google everything and embrace the joy of being wrong. […]


Jason Minnix reflects on how Jesus carries light to bring people into their calling [Matthew 4:12-23]. Reflection Where do I sense the light that seems too good to be true? How can I begin or continue to listen to my deeper desires? Spiritual Practice Attending to the Light of Desire.  Are my desires being sacrificed for my habits, or are […]

Life of Service

Weylin Lee reflects on how are we invited to live a life of service that’s sustainable and connected to what God is doing [Isaiah 49:1-7]. Reflection If you listen to your life, what is it revealing about your calling? How might you live a life of service in more sustainable ways? Similar to light, in what ways are you simply […]

Generous Language

As we begin a new year, Jason Minnix reflects on how God’s language is generous enough to hold all of us and our experiences [John 1:1-9]. Reflection Have I found the language big enough to hold my journey now? Where is your darkness and light living now? (offer compassion to your darkness) What questions will shape your beauty in the […]

Advent: Time

As we begin the Advent season, Gideon Tsang reflects on what we are invited to spend time on and what we can use this season for [Romans 13:11-14]. Reflection How can you rest in knowing that your awakening will find you in time without your own willpower? What parts of you are being made whole in this season of Advent? […]