July 26, 2020

The Expansion of Love

Matt Inman invites us to reflect on where God’s love is working within our story during this season [Matthew 13:33].


  • How has love matured you in the last 5 years?
  • Where do you sense love wanting to work in your life in this season?

Spiritual Practice

  • Meditation. Consider where Love became active in your life. Spend time meditating in that mental and emotional space of love and enough-ness.
  • Journaling. Journal through what facets of your life you struggle accepting or receiving in this current season. If you were to receive Love into that internal space, what experiences might open up to you? (Rest? Repentance? Celebration? Good Trouble?)


MWG Discussion Questions

  • When was the kingdom/love first activated in your life?
  • Matt asked, “the kingdom is not coming TO us, but INTO us. Not affecting us, but infecting us.”  What does this call your attention to today?
  • How does the Johari window help us conceptualize the kingdom working through all of our self/all of our present moment?
  • Where might Love be speaking care and confrontation to our default settings?

This post needs your thoughts.

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