December 16, 2018

Peace of God

As we continue the Advent season, Matt Inman reflects on how the love of God brings us the peace of God [Philippians 4:4-9].


  • Who has loved you really well and helped you appreciate your real self?
  • Who in your life is out beyond their comfort zone right now and needs gentleness and love?


Spiritual Practice

  • When you feel like yourself or a family member is close to their edge, introduce a gentle mercy into the dynamic.
  • Take the emotions and thoughts you had during today’s clip and bring that into your prayers this week.  Where might the love and acceptance of God bring a greater sense of peace?
  • Where do you feel the peace of God in your life? Write out a list of who and what helps you turn your focus back on what is good and true.

This post needs your thoughts.

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