December 20, 2020

Mary and the Incarnation

As we continue in the Advent season, Matt Inman reflects on the Christmas story from the perspective of Mary and how we are invited to be grounded and not overlook the divine in our lives [Luke 1:26-38].


  1. Where in your life does love tend to get overlooked in your life?
  2. What memory of Christmas sticks out to you as loving and intimate? How did love grow in your life to help make such a beautiful moment come into being?


  1. Where do you find yourself managing acceptance and reflection in your life right now? Notice what stories and emotions come up for you.
  2. Pick an aspect of life you struggle accepting and work through Tolle’s suggestion of doing on oof the three actions: 1. Remove it (let it go)  2. Change it  3. Fully embrace it (accept it)

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