January 26, 2020


Jason Minnix reflects on how Jesus carries light to bring people into their calling [Matthew 4:12-23].


  • Where do I sense the light that seems too good to be true?
  • How can I begin or continue to listen to my deeper desires?

Spiritual Practice

  • Attending to the Light of Desire.  Are my desires being sacrificed for my habits, or are my habits supporting my deeper desires? Examine your habits over time to see if they help you realize your deeper desire. 
  • How has the way closed behind me?  Am I doing a bunch of good things, or am I getting closer to the best things to invest in? Take some time to look back and name some limits more visible now in the things that haven’t worked out. Ask someone you trust if they agree with your list of limits and sense of what you’re best at.


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