October 27, 2019

Lens of Humility

Weylin Lee reflects on how the lenses that we use to see ourselves and others might be helping or hurting our posture of humility [Luke 18:9-14].


  • How have we devalued others through our lens of contempt?
  • Does our lens of comparison lead us to competition or curiosity?
  • How can we put on a lens of mercy toward ourselves and others?

Spiritual Practice

  • See without judgment.  Think of someone you see with contempt.  Objectively observe what you dislike about them.  Consider how you may have been conditioned to dislike those things.  Search for treasures buried in this person.
  • See with curiosity.  Meet with someone you compare yourself with.  Hear their story with curiosity. Discover what their life has to teach you.


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