With the diversity of our community and the different interests that we have, Vox is proud to present the Slashies to promote our community-based initiatives. Plug into one or plug into all.

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Crafts Slashie

Promoting crafting, repurposing and tailoring with a needle and thread.

When: Random Thurs nights 7:30-9:00pm
Where: Tandra’s Place

Contact Tandra

Velo Slashie

Two wheeled, human powered enthusiasts. Casual rides with moderate weather.

When: Sunday afternoons
Where: Around the city

Contact Jason Facebook group

Swing Dancing Slashie

Shoe tapping, arm flailing movement with music.

When: Monthly Meetup
Where: The Fed (2312 San Gabriel St)

Contact Catie

Rock Climbing Slashie

Climb, climb, climb. Rocks, walls, mountains.

When: Sunday afternoons
Where: Around the city

Contact Joy

Vox Ball

Wooden floors, orange bouncing ball and a net. We do it weekly.

When: Sunday nights 7-10pm
Where: 4425 Red River

Email @voxball