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Chris Morton reflects on the hope that God is not finished with our growth and transformation [Acts 9:32-41]. Reflection What is unfinished in your life? What would you change if you invited God into that?

Art of Neighboring

Virginia Cumberbatch explores how we have lost the art of neighboring and how we can practice it in our lives [Jeremiah 23:1-6]. Reflection How can you practice the art of neighboring this week? What does God ask of us in participating in the tapestry of community? Spiritual Practice What is your responsibility in the art of neighboring?  What does that […]

Contemplating Community

Chris Seay reflects on what it looks like for us to be in community and what we can learn from the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer [1 Corinthians 12:7-20]. Reflection What are some ways we experience or contribute to scapegoating in our lives? What does it look like to listen well in community?

Greenhouse Coordinator Profile: Brittany Acosta

Brittany Acosta is the newest member of our staff serving as the part-time Greenhouse Coordinator for the Vox community. She will coordinate our children’s ministry to help our kids foster wonder and imagination of Scripture, and learn to love their own neighbors. Read on to find out more about Brittany. Favorite ice cream:Ranch Sunflower Seeds Tell us a bit about […]

Vesper Events Coordinator Profile: Lena Martinez-Wolfinger

Lena Martinez-Wolfinger is the newest member of our staff serving as the part-time Vesper Events Coordinator for the Vox community. She will manage events for Vesper, as well as helping to create a collaborative community space. Read on to find out more about Lena. Favorite ice cream:Rocky Road Tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re from.I’m a 5th […]

Our Bodies As Christ’s Body

As we celebrate and give thanks for our new home, Gideon Tsang invites us to consider how we are all an indispensable part of Christ’s body, both in our strengths and weaknesses. [1 Cor 12] Reflection How can you remind yourself this week that your being is pre-approved? What does it look like to embrace your limitations in order to […]

Parking At Our New Space

Beginning on January 6th, we will be holding liturgy at our new home on 3106 East 14 1/2 St. Our new space has limited parking, so if possible, try to share rides or use an alternative set of wheels to get to Vox. For those that are driving, here are a few tips for parking on Sunday morning: Parking is […]