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The Gift of Presence

For Pentecost Sunday, Weylin Lee explores why God’s spirit and presence is a meaningful gift for us [John 14:8-17]. Reflection How can you practice becoming more aware of God’s presence in your life today? What does it mean for you to embody God’s Spirit and be a gift of presence to others? Resources Book: Practicing the Presence of God (Brother […]

The Goodness of Being

Pamela Begeman reflects on the goodness of our being and what it means to consent to our basic goodness [Psalm 139]. Reflection Do you know and feel that you are essentially and deeply good, before you do or say anything? How are you being healed, transformed and awakened to the experience of your goodness and God’s unconditional love for you? […]

New Table Labyrinth Walk [Jul 12]

New Table is hosting a labyrinth Walk on Sunday evening 500-630pm, July 12, at St David’s Episcopal Church. A labyrinth in an ancient tool for active prayer that involves the body as well as mind, heart, and spirit. It symbolizes life as pilgrimage and sacred journey. Terra McDaniel will give some background, instructions, and potential ways to approach the labyrinth […]

Contemplative Prayer Time

Join a small group on Wednesday mornings from 7-8am led by Nora Brett, inside Space12. This is a time to check in, stretch, hear some teaching on contemplative prayer and enjoy a quiet 20-30 minutes of silence. [Photo by irenkapatrzy @ Flickr]