July 8, 2015

New Table Labyrinth Walk [Jul 12]

New Table is hosting a labyrinth Walk on Sunday evening 500-630pm, July 12, at St David’s Episcopal Church.

A labyrinth in an ancient tool for active prayer that involves the body as well as mind, heart, and spirit. It symbolizes life as pilgrimage and sacred journey. Terra McDaniel will give some background, instructions, and potential ways to approach the labyrinth and then we’ll walk the labyrinth together.

Parking: We can park in our garage entered from between 7th and 8th streets on Trinity St. The receptionist will give you a voucher to get out.

Bring: A journal and pen; a water bottle.

Kids: Welcome. I will provide some special instructions for any littles who’d like to walk the labyrinth. There is also a playground on campus.

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[New Table is Vox’s attempt to add new chairs to Christ’s table so that more friends can participate in living as the church in Austin. They meet Sundays, 5pm at Space12.]

[Photo by Margot Gabel @ Flickr]

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