September 15, 2019

Contemplation: Seeing the Space Between Us

As we continue our fall vision series exploring Contemplation, Jason Minnix reflects on contemplative practices that show us how to see and bring healing to our sight [John 9:1-7].


  • What am I holding tightly to that is filtering my enjoyment of life?
  • Where do I sense an invitation to practice resting my mind?


Spiritual Practice

  • Practice Contemplation.  Set aside 5-20 min a day, and/or perhaps an hour or two once a week.  Choose something that gives you space to disengage from thoughts and emotions.  Expect some disruption at the start.
  • Contemplative Practice.  Body Scan. Walk through each part of your body and the reflections that come to the surface.
  • Seeing Our Filters.  What filters serve me now? (filtering judgment, shame, social media, etc.)  What are my filters that keep out life? (filtering love, grace, joy, peace, receiving)

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