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Rootedness: Fruit

Gideon Tsang finishes our vision series on Rootedness by exploring what it looks like for us to consent to rootedness and the fruit that we’ll bear [John 15:15-17]. Reflection What kind of people do we want to be in 20 years? What kind of fruit do we hope to produce over time? Resources Video: Mindful Silence (Phileena Heuertz) Spiritual Practice […]

Rootedness: Intimacy

Jason Minnix continues our vision series on Rootedness by exploring how being rooted in community changes our relationship with God over time [John 15:9-14]. Reflection How is God inviting the mess of who I am into love? How am I being invited into the mystery of intimacy now? Resources Book: The Forgotten Desert Mothers (Laura Swan) MWG: Discussion Guide Spiritual […]

Rootedness: The Vine

Jason Minix starts our vision series on Rootedness by reflecting on what it means to become more rooted to God and a spiritual community  [John 15:1-4]. Reflection How am I being invited into rootedness now? What surfaces for healing in me now as I consider rooting? Resources MWG: Discussion Guide Spiritual Practice Vine Inventory.  What vines am I attached to […]


Jason Minnix reflects on how our habits move us into healthy spiritual living with others and God and to consider whether certain habits are useful or not [Mark 7:1-8]. Reflection What habits of thinking, feeling or doing am I being invited to renegotiate? Where do I hear invitation to direct intimacy? Resources Video: SNL Sean Spicer Press Conference Spiritual Practice […]


Judy Peterson reflects on how God creates everything with intent and purpose and how each of us is a unique reflection of the image of God [Genesis 1:26-27]. Reflection What are the”thats” that are not a part of the “THIS” God had created you to be? Who are the “thems” to which you tend to conform and how might God […]


As we celebrate Pentecost, John Chandler reflects on how we might allow the Spirit to help us learn and grow in living the way of Jesus [Luke 5:1-11]. Reflection In what ways have you recently seen the Holy Spirit at work in your life or community? What practices have best helped you recognize the direction of the Holy Spirit in […]

Happy Wisdom

Jason Minnix reflects on the wisdom we’re invited to consider as we meditate on scripture [Psalm 1]. Reflection Where am I being invited to seek and live into wisdom? How can I carry the protective parts of myself with compassion and curiosity this week? Resources Video: Peaceful Warrior Clip MWG: Discussion Guide