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Judy Peterson reflects on how God creates everything with intent and purpose and how each of us is a unique reflection of the image of God [Genesis 1:26-27]. Reflection What are the”thats” that are not a part of the “THIS” God had created you to be? Who are the “thems” to which you tend to conform and how might God […]


As we celebrate Pentecost, John Chandler reflects on how we might allow the Spirit to help us learn and grow in living the way of Jesus [Luke 5:1-11]. Reflection In what ways have you recently seen the Holy Spirit at work in your life or community? What practices have best helped you recognize the direction of the Holy Spirit in […]

Happy Wisdom

Jason Minnix reflects on the wisdom we’re invited to consider as we meditate on scripture [Psalm 1]. Reflection Where am I being invited to seek and live into wisdom? How can I carry the protective parts of myself with compassion and curiosity this week? Resources Video: Peaceful Warrior Clip MWG: Discussion Guide

Abiding Love

Abiding Love Gena Minnix explores what it means to abide in love, especially when we’re hurting [John 15:9-17]. Reflection With whom am I currently practicing abiding in love? What do I want to remember the next time I lose joy in that relationship? Resources Video: Turtle Flip Podcast: Notes from a Public Typewritter MWG: Discussion Guide

The Tree and the Branches

Tim Brosnan explores what it means to be and remain in connection with God and others [John 15:1-5]. Reflection What specific courage can we take today in this union of the vine and branches expressed as the blood and body of communion? What specific pruning in your life might bring about a healthier branch and tree? Resources Video: Vox Retreat […]

God is My Shepherd

Jason Minnix explores what it means to return to God’s guidance in our life’s journey [Psalm 23]. Reflection What kinds of care am I being invited into this week? Where am I being invited to express and/or relax my agency? Resources Film: Foxtrot Podcast: Truth and Cannonballs (Radiolab) MWG: Discussion Guide


Weylin Lee reflects on what Jesus’ resurrection into a physical body means for how we live in and out of our body here and now [Luke 24:36-48]. Reflection How are you invited to live from the vulnerability of your wounds? In what ways can you live a holistic life that integrates body and soul? Resources Book: From Brokenness to Community […]