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Shared Leadership as Resistance

How is a practice of shared leadership resistance against oppressive and harmful structures? Weylin Lee vulnerably reflects on the journey of Vox from hierarchy toward non-hierarchy and how this practice is a form of resistance. [Philippians 2:1-8] Reflection Who are the voices we need to include at the table? In what ways might you practice love with the most vulnerable? […]

Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.9.10

Liturgy The Spirit is a force of love, wild and creative:She tears down the walls of our hearts,and builds up courage from within. The Spirit is a practice of freedom:She is daring and audacious.She nurtures gentle strength. That our hope may thrive and justice be our aim,Come, Spirit of Christ, and rise among us. Holy One, our source of life […]

A Posture of Non-Hierachy

What has been your experience of (non)hierarchy in faith communities? At the beginning of our Fall vision series, Gena St. David interrogates our relationship to power and experience of hierarchy in light of a nonviolent messiah who embodied humility.  [Philippians 2:5-8] Reflection What are the strengths and shadows of hierarchy? How might I practice embracing myself, and others? Do I […]

Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.9.03

Liturgy The violence in the world is old,Our place in the world is ever new. Work in us, Good Shepherd, andGive us the foresight to distinguishThe wolves beneath the willow;Give us courage as you scatterwhat prowls in wait. The goodness in the world is old,The threats to it seem ever new. Guide our simple steps, high upon the cliffs,Or low […]

The Peculiarity of Expired Dreams

How do you work through your expired dreams? On the eve of our Fall vision series, Christopher Mack ponders how setbacks, dead ends, failure, and loss shape our spiritualith. How might we see ourselves and one another with new eyes of hope, imagination, and solidarity for the journey ahead? [Exodus 3:1-15] Reflection How have you been shaped by expired dreams? […]

Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.8.27

Liturgy As we gather from our week,we hold true to your promise thatwhen two or three โ€“ or two hundred โ€“of us gather, you are there.Be among us and within us. Yet we admit that we do not always actas one body, and we let interpretationscome before community. Show us another way to live as the church.Teach us how to […]

Mercy to Our Bodies

How do we show mercy to our bodies as God does? Gena St. David juxtaposes a living sacrifice with the death dealing ways we often do violence to our bodies. She explores how showing mercy, as God does, to our bodies through gentleness, rest, and healing is an act of worship. [Romans 12:1-2] Reflection Where is God inviting me to […]